Attack the Market: Finance!®
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Increase your sales immediately! Make more money, working fewer hours with Mike’s 3 step approach to real estate finance. Join agents and brokers in almost a dozen states who have already purchased Attack the Market: Finance!®

Don’t just learn how to qualify buyers when you can master how to apply your knowledge by assessing prospects’ motivation when you first meet them. Are they worth your time? Qualify them financially and emotionally.

Step One: Quickly learn to use a financial calculator effectively
(Hewlett Packard® 10bII or 12c)
Step Two: Master the art of qualifying buyers
Step Three: Learn dozens of money-making tips that work for agents in over 40 states and 3 countries. These tips show you how to:
  • Serve your buyers, sellers, and investors the way they want to be served
  • Become known in your market as the agent with finance expertise
  • Develop that critical stream of personal referrals with your amazing, new reputation.

These money-making tips are so critical, they fill up 2 of the 4 CD’s. Examples include:

Helping borrowers get the best possible loan, gifts, and improve their credit scores

Converting more listings with real estate finance

Picking the right lender as your partner (5 key questions)

Collecting/Calculating performance statistics to prove your financial expertise to skeptical buyers, sellers, and investors.

Attack the Market: Finance!® was created for the busy professional: 4 audio CD’s (4+ hours) and a detailed workbook are included. Start at the beginning, master it all, or pick the topics you want to learn when you want to learn them.

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Table of Contents

Attack the Market: Finance!® also includes an even more user friendly Topic Index. The Detailed Topic Index lets you work with the materials of most interest to by noting where they are located on the 4 CD’s.

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Using the Hewlett Packard® HP 10bII Financial Calculator
  • Qualifying buyers with the Hewlett Packard® HP 10bII Financial Calculator
  • Using the Hewlett Packard® HP 12c Financial Calculator
  • Qualifying buyers with the Hewlett Packard® HP 12c Financial Calculator
  • Money-Making Tips for real estate finance (2 of the 4 CD’s)
  • Next Steps
  • References

Attack the Market: Finance!
by Mike Merin
ISBN: 0971705232 0-971-7052-3-2