Reactions to Attack the Market!
Too Late, unfortunately, 2nd Edition’s sold out.
Mike was surprised at how much the technology experts in the industry like the book's recommendations. Please click on the link below for an example. Several of these experts think the specific suggestions in the book should be used by all agents with web sites.

These agents already know what not to put up on their sites about themselves. The book identifies how best to describe themselves and their services online to ensure that consumers contact them rather than their Internet competitors!

How To Present Your Self
"...You MUST read the book written by seminar speaker Mike Merin - ATTACK THE MARKET, Specialize in Negotiating, Finance, Pricing, or Technology.

Mike's book offers excellent ideas on how to answer the all-important customer question, "Why should I hire you?" His practical suggestions are easy for any REALTOR® to relate to."

Sandy Teller
Sizzling Studios

"Great book! I’m reading it for a second time. It's the first time I've ever thought or heard anyone compare the risk in buying or selling real estate to stocks & bonds.

I used it recently when coaching a new agent about to present multiple offers to a seller. I told the agent to tell the seller that even though one Offer is $5,000 more than the others, the risk inherent in that Offer is higher because of …. The new agent was able to help the seller understand that part of the decision about which offer to work with is for the seller to decide how much risk to take."

Bill Graves, CRS

"Your book is outstanding! I have never seen such a balanced, thoughtful approach to real estate … I found your insights compelling and very level headed."
Sherry McCormack

"I can see you teaching it as I read! I love being able to start anywhere in the book and not have to read it cover to cover."
Suzanne Kenes

"Mike, I'm afraid to say this but I'm finally reading your book. I love your direct and honest approach as to how to use it! You are very talented and the book is refreshing!"
Priscilla Toth, Director of Professional Development
New York State Association of REALTORS