Attack the Market: Invest!®
Here it is ... Attack The Market: Invest!® … the book for you to use to make hundreds of thousands of dollars with investment properties.

Nine Steps (chapters) show you precisely what to do from Getting Ready To Buy to Picking The Right Property, Finance, Negotiating, Managing Properties and Selling (or exchanging) your investments. Two case studies of Mike’s investments show you what to do to make money, as he has done with real estate investing for over 20 years, as well as how to avoid Mike’s investment mistakes.

But Attack The Market: Invest!® isn’t just for your investing needs alone. Mike’s book will exceed your expectations as you learn how to create your own net worth statement and an investment action plan. This one book is all you need:

  • To identify your financial needs (e.g., children’s college costs, retirement),
  • To note your personal dreams (a second home, traveling, charity work),
  • To invest successfully so you will have both the money you need and the money you want to make your dreams come true.

Learn how an investor and his wife turned $50,000 into $5 million with residential investment properties and multiple 1031 exchanges.

Buy this book knowing it’s easy to use. You can read it from cover to cover, but it’s designed for the busy professional whose time is money. “How To Read This Book” suggestions and a detailed topic index help you learn exactly what you need to know when you are ready to use the information.

Agents across the country have picked a specialty (negotiating, finance, pricing or technology) and mastered it to serve buyers and sellers effectively with Mike’s first book, Attack The Market: Specialize in Negotiating, Finance, Pricing or Technology®. But why just use your skills for others? Help yourself with these skills by investing in the markets you know best.

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Your book will include an even more detailed Table of Contents with many more topics. Each topic and sub-heading will have a page number so you can read Attack The Market: Invest!® and use the suggestions from beginning to end or in any other way that works best for you.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Step One: Your Financial Road Map
  • Step Two: Invest in Property
  • Step Three: Get Ready to Buy!
  • Step Four: Investing & the Internet
  • Step Five: Pricing and Evaluating Investment Properties
  • Step Six: Finance
  • Step Seven: Negotiating
  • Step Eight: Managing Your Property
  • Step Nine: Selling (Exchanging) Your Property
  • Conclusion
  • References
    • Case Study: 1644 S Street Investment:
      Preparing to Invest
      Finding the Right Property
    • Case Study: 533 P Street Investment:
      Investing with Partners
      Comparable Apartment Rents
      Tax Benefits (Costs)
  • Investment Letters
  • Additional Investment Resources, Useful Internet Sites
  • Glossary

Attack the Market: Invest!
by Michael G Merin
ISBN: 0971705224