Mike's Recent Successes

Mike continued to fill orders for his 4 CD finance product, Attack the Market: Finance!, which he created in 2008; teach finance and investment courses in New York and Pennsylvania; continue to build his new financial planning business (please see Clients First!). He taught his last courses to real estate agents in Rochester, Plattsburgh, and Staten Island.


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Triple Play 08
Mike was excited to speak at the Triple Play Convention in December. One of the largest annual gatherings for U.S. REALTORS®, this Atlantic City event serves the needs of agents from New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Both his presentations went well with the second one offered to a standing-room-only crowd.

  1. Attack the Market -- with Finance!
  2. Attack the Market -- with Your Eyes Open!
    (a risk reduction seminar with recent court cases)

In closing Attack the Market – with Your Eyes Open, Mike shared with the crowd that it was his last convention presentation. Having spoken at the first Triple Play event and several since then, it was a bittersweet moment for him and for students he has come to know over the years. He expects to complete the required courses and begin work as a certified financial planner (CFP®).


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CRS Certified
Mike’s is thrilled to announce that his second book, Attack the Market: Invest!®, has been certified by the Council of Residential Specialists (CRS) as a quality-tested product. This certification is only granted after multiple CRS agents who are actively involved with buyers, sellers, and investors review and recommend it to the appropriate CRS Committee.


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4 Day Investment Course
  Mike was pleased to write a 4 day course for agents working with investors. Based on his second book, Attack the Market: Invest!®, and other investment materials he has written and taught, Real Estate Investment provides an in-depth investment experience for agents. The HP 10bII calculator will be used extensively. The course earns an agent a brokerage credit toward their broker’s license.


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Revised GRI Course(s)

Mike worked with PAR and NYSAR staff to revise both state’s GRI investment courses (PAR GRI 502; NYSAR RI 404). It was a task he enjoyed, including providing new content, PowerPoint presentations, exam questions and answers, and suggestions for course instructors.

Mike also worked with PAR staff to re-write the Pennsylvania GRI course (404) which covers Taxation, Professional Standards, Finance and serving people from other cultures and countries (Expand Your Market). What was most exciting about this project was bringing calculators back to the course! Agents now leave not only with more knowledge about each topic, but with the skills necessary to use their calculators to pre-qualify the next buyers they meet.

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Saratoga Springs Seminar
Mike was thrilled to teach a successful CE Seminar, Negotiating Tools: Serving Buyers and Sellers during Multiple Offers, during the New York State Association of REALTORS® business meetings in Saratoga Springs, New York.
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National Speakers Association
  With stringent criteria ensuring that only successful, professional speakers join, the National Speakers Association approved Mike’s application in 2006.
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Mike's Second Book!
Sales of Mike’s new book on investing in real estate have exceeded expectations! Agents and brokers in over a dozen states and several countries have purchased Attack the Market: Invest!® In it, the author identifies the nine steps agents can take to invest successfully. Several brokers have taken advantage of quantity discounts to purchase the book for their agents. Click on the icon to the left to learn about the second book Mike has written, Attack the Market: Invest!®
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U.S. Agency Review Complete
Mike has just completed his assessment of the agency laws, rules or regulations of all 50 states and the District of Columbia:

Although I have spent over a year reviewing these provisions it has been an exciting time of learning how different states have decided to handle the problems dual agency pose for agents, brokers, buyers, and sellers. Several states now prohibit all dual agency relationships.

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Convention Seminars
Mike was pleased to speak at Triple Play 2003 in Atlantic City. Triple Play 2003 is the annual NJ, NY, PA convention. On December 2, 2003, he presented two seminars: (1) Attack The Market! Specialize in Negotiating, Finance, Pricing or Technology®, and (2) Serve Your Clients With Real Estate Finance.

"Based on more than 800 agents' surveys comparing over 25 Triple Play 2003 presenters, you were rated SECOND! I can't tell you how many strangers came up to me at the convention center that week to say thanks for bringing Mike in!!! Hugs and all! Of the over 40 seminars presented, your Real Estate Finance seminar was ranked third and Attack the Market! Specialize in Negotiating, Finance, Pricing or Technology(R) fourth! Everyone I spoke with who attended one of your sessions raved about it."

Priscilla Toth
Director of Professional Development
New York State Association of REALTORS
Albany, New York

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Negotiating E-Newsletter
Attack The Market … Together (sm). In August, Mike responded to agents’ requests and created a newsletter focused on improving agents’ negotiating skills. Attack The Market … Together! is a forum for agents from around the country to share their ideas and questions about how to negotiate most effectively for their clients.
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CRS Certified
Mike’s Book, Attack The Market!, was certified by the Council of Residential Specialists (CRS) as a quality-tested product. This certification is only granted after multiple CRS agents who are actively involved with buyers and sellers review and recommend it to the appropriate CRS Committee.



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Dearborn Financial Publishing
Dearborn Real Estate Education

Dearborn Financial Publishing has hired Mike to revise and complete the Instructor’s Manual for Modern Real Estate Practice in Pennsylvania, 9th Edition.



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Realty Times

In early 2002, Mike joined Realty Times as an e-Columnist on their Agent News service. His articles are based on the effective practices described in his recent book.  Click on the icon to read an article.



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I.  Triple Play 2000
II.  "The Beat Goes On". October 2000

Mike taught two seminars at each Convention: one on how to unleash your negotiating skills; a second on how to assess a potential client's motivation with the latest financing techniques. Agents wrote Mike with the following comments on these seminars:

"You were filled with energy and animated. I like that you bring the stock market, Alan Greenspan, and articles about economics into your negotiating seminar. Hope to see you again at another seminar."

"The topic (finance) is great. I recommend that every agent take this class. Presentation was fantastic and the course content a great help."

"... presented with strong conviction/enthusiasm ... clear hand-outs."

"Class was super! Negotiating tips were very understandable and useable ... money-making tips valuable."

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At the 1999 NAR Convention in Orlando, Mike Merin was presented with the Quill Pen Award.  His article "Unleash Your Negotiating Power," published in the January 1999 edition of Real Estate Business, "was judged to be the best member-authored work published in 1998/1999."

Recognized nationally, this award was given to Mike as the "one author whose work has contributed significantly to the overall quality and value of either Management Issues and Trends (the CRB newsletter) or Real Estate Business (the CRS magazine)...."

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