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Mike Has Taught Real Estate Courses Successfully on:

Contract Law
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Pricing Real Estate

Convention Students

  • "Mike, Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. I live in Staten Island, New York. I drove 2 1/2 hours each way to come & spend the day with you. Just thought you'd like to know that it was definitely worth it. I will use some of the tools you gave me and visit your web site often. Thanks again Mike."
    Caryn Celestina
  • "I attended both your discussions at the Tri-State Conference and truly enjoyed your first one: Attack The Market! Specialize in Negotiating, Finance, Pricing or Technology. I had been trying to decide what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I didn't know if I wanted to stay in the business or what! After listening to you, you gave me what I needed to keep going with my business. I really enjoy helping the first time buyers and seniors go through the process of either buying or selling their homes. THANK YOU!!"
    Edie Spaulding
  • "Mike was fantastic. He has a wonderful sense of humor and a wealth of knowledge. A really true, genuine person who makes you feel comfortable in participating in class and asking questions. Also very professional and objective."
  • "Excellent in all respects. He's the best I've had for any class ."
  • "Super-smart, funny."
  • "Stayed focused. Enthusiastic."
  • "Realistic. Gives good examples."
  • "Engaging and informed. Kept class moving and fun."
  • "Energetic - involves class members. Very friendly, sincere, positive."
  • "Enthusiasm and high-road attitude."
  • "You were filled with energy and animated.  I like that you bring the stock market, Alan Greenspan, and articles about economics into your negotiating seminar.  Hope to see you again at another seminar."
  • "The topic (finance) is great and I recommend that every agent must take this class.  Presentation was fantastic and the course content a great help."
  • "... presented with strong conviction/enthusiasm ... clear hand-outs."
  • "I like this guy!...someone I'd like to hear again.. ...have him back..."

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Pennsylvania Agents

  • “Once again, let me tell you how much I enjoyed the class last week. I have always felt weak in agency and dealing with it properly. Not any more, thanks to you. It was the most useful GRI class of all that I took.  Many thanks for your hard work on our behalf.”
  • "Great delivery - good sense of humor - kept us interested & awake!"
  • "Merin is great - knows material and can teach it. There aren’t rating numbers high enough for Mike."
  • "Mike is the best instructor I've had for any course."
  • "Well done! Mike does a great job. Appreciate no foul language. God bless!"
  • "Upbeat, knowledgeable, apparently loves the business."
  • "Mike’s class was very stimulating - he set an environment which encouraged class discussion."
  • "I’ve taken lots of finance courses, but this was the first one that was fun;"
  • "I can’t believe it, I can qualify a buyer now!"
  • "Mike is an outstanding educator who truly wants his students to benefit from his courses (Students First!).  He is patient, positive, entertaining & brimming with knowledge."

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New York agents:

  • "Made math fun."
  • "Excellent instructor, welcomed inquiry, discussion, and questions - it was all right to disagree."
  • "I've been in business as a REALTORฎ for 12 years and never understood these principles until now."
  • "Superb – put class at ease – made material easy to understand."
  • "Well prepared, articulate, intelligent instructor … does not talk down to students … very sharp."
  •  "Superior teaching methods – no wasted time – articulate and clear."
  • "Instructor has exceptional communication skills and the business experience to 'fleshout' course materials to make the class stay alive."

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New Jersey Agents:

  • "I like your tie. Enjoyed your style and enthusiasm."
  • "Mike was great. He was able to present the material to a bunch of novices, including myself, while answering a bombardment of questions. He makes me want to take more courses."

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Delaware agents:

  • "Subject and presentation crucial to business strategy; excellent information-very well presented..."
  • "Presented material relevant to DE...very refreshing version of agency..."
  • “A virtuoso performance …”
  • “This was the best real estate class I have ever experienced.”

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Pennsylvania brokers of record, office managers, and appraisers
After taking contract law, agency, and finance MCE course Mike wrote. "Students" averaged over 20 years experience:

  • "Timely in discussing recent trends and changes in the industry, including the appraisal field."
  • "I will definitely suggest to the associates in my office that they look for Mike as an instructor in future classes."
  • "Instructor was excellent, well prepared, and very enthusiastic."
  • "Probably the best instructor I’ve had at this school."
  • "One is never to old or new to learn new concepts."

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